We still have an excellent selection of fresh quality trees both in our indoor floodlit tree barn and our choose & cut plantation. Please note from Monday 11th December we will be closing earlier, our opening hours will be from 9am - 6pm and from Monday 18th, 10am - 4pm. Merry Christmas from everyone at the farm!

Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly will my tree be delivered?
See our delivery information page for all you need to know!
I want to collect my order, is this OK?
Certainly! See our delivery information page for all you need to know!
Which tree is right for me?
You can find a comparison of all the species of tree we sell over on the About Our Trees page.
Do you have trees with roots that we can plant outside?
Yes! We sell pot grown trees that have roots and can be planted out
Do you have any tall pot grown trees with roots?
The largest pot grown that we sell is approximately 5ft this is because the root system on a larger tree would be too big for the pot and would become root bound resulting in a low chance of survival.
Which are the best trees for holding their needles?
A Nordman Fir, Fraser Fir or Scots Pine have the best needle retention.
Can I dig up a tree from the plantation?
The trees in the plantation will have an extensive root system with a deep tap root which will be damaged when dug up and therefore would be unlikely to survive if re-planted.
Do I need to water my tree?
Yes, we recommend putting your tree in a water holding stand and water daily to keep the tree fresh. Please see more about how you can care for your tree
Do you sell Christmas tree stands?
Yes, both at the farm and online
How is the tree measured?
The tree is measured from the base to the tip
Can you collect my tree after Christmas
We don't offer a collection service but many local charities such as hospices, scout/guide groups etc will collect and arrange the chipping of your tree in return for a small donation. Alternatively, check your local Council's website as some will collect and dispose of your tree for free
It's my preferred delivery date and my tree hasn't arrived
Your chosen date in only a preferred date and NOT a guaranteed date as it is a very busy time for couriers. The majority of trees will arrive on the selected date but if yours hasn't arrived within 2 working days of the preferred date, please either contact the courier (Tuffnells (This link opens in a new window or tab)) where you can find details of their local depot or use their 'track & trace' system or contact us and we will do all we can to help you get your order as quickly as possible.
Can I choose a time for delivery
Unfortunately, our couriers cannot offer this service.
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