We still have an excellent selection of fresh quality trees both in our indoor floodlit tree barn and our choose & cut plantation. Please note from Monday 11th December we will be closing earlier, our opening hours will be from 9am - 6pm and from Monday 18th, 10am - 4pm. Merry Christmas from everyone at the farm!

About Our Trees

Come and choose your fresh quality Christmas tree from our plantation or from our extensive range of freshly cut premium trees. We offer four species of trees and to help you choose which one is the right for you we have provided more details on each species below.

We also offer pot grown trees in three different species up to a height of 5 foot. These have a full root system and can be planted out.

In 2009 we started growing our own Christmas trees and we now have around 40,000 trees planted and continue to plant more every year. For every tree that is cut down another one is planted. We will be offering you the experience of wandering through our plantation to choose your perfect tree and then watch it being cut down - you can't get fresher than that!

Throughout the year, our trees are lovingly cared for and hand pruned to ensure that they are beautifully shaped healthy trees. They are also environmentally friendly as whilst growing they remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and emit fresh oxygen.

We are members of the British Christmas Tree Growers Association.

Nordman Fir

  • UK's most popular Christmas tree
  • Excellent needle retention and ideal choice for inside the home
  • Dark green glossy needles which are soft so perfect in homes with pets and small children
  • Conical shaped tree with branches being less dense than other varieties

Fraser Fir

  • Originating from the USA, its popularity is growing in the UK
  • Excellent needle retention and perfect for inside the home
  • Attractive silver-green needles
  • Narrow and compact, ideal for those who require a slimmer tree
  • Pyramid shape with dense strong branches ideal for holding heavier decorations
  • Lovely citrus fragrance

Norway Spruce

  • Traditional Christmas tree, full of nostalgia and which for many years was the only available variety
  • Needle retention is not as good as other varieties and is not recommended for inside unless you have a cool environment or is put up close to Christmas and watered well
  • Perfect tree for outside
  • Mid green needles which are slightly prickly to touch
  • Beautiful conical shape with strong branches, ideal for displaying outdoor lights
  • Excellent fragrance

Scots Pine

Only available at the farm!

  • Very long dark green needles often with a tinge of blue
  • Dense conical shape
  • Strong pine scent
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